Who said flying while drinking was bad?!


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After watching this exemplary video we can deduct how harmless and even fun it is when you fly and Drink.

Yeah.. Big time :sarcasm:...

Sadly this as well as the other video I posted of the guy buzzing around and crashing against the Jeep Cherokee both happened in Mexico.


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Surprised a couple of Mexican hookers weren't along for the ride. That would have been classy. As I said before it's Mexico...I think the Fedarales have more pressing matters on there hands then to go after these two knuckle heads. If they crash they might take out a donkey or a couple of cactus ... hopefully snookie on vacation.


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...why? And why video tape it? Pointless.
It's like calling your wife mid coitus and saying "You should see this girl I'm schtupping!"

To play devil's advocate, there could be anything in those bottles and it's a joke. Either way, muy estupido.


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The only problem I have with this video is the fact that he didn't have a glass with a salted rim. :biggrin: