Who falls under what parts?


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Ok i know the basics, part 121 is airlines, 135 is air carrier, etc. But is this written in stone? The reason im asking is that i have a possible job opportunity with a company that flies pretty often, i would be flying a beech baron, and im wondering would this fall under part 135, i hope not because if so then i dont have near the minimums described in that part. I hope this post makes sense, i guess the real question is can you legally get a job flying corporate with less than 500 hours?
Corporate operations are typically Part 91. As to who falls under what parts, that is described in excruciating detail in the various parts of the regs. A corporate flight department is operating in furtherance of its own business interests, and not serving as an "air carrier" (as defined by the FARs) so they are not subject to Part 135 regulations. However, some corporate operations do put their airplanes on a 135 certificate to get some "extra" charter flying hours on the airplane. Generally, corporate operations that are 135 are the less-desirable jobs to get.

As to flying "corporate" with 500 hours, anything is a possibility. Remember that the insurance company will be the ultimate arbiter of what you may or may not do. At your time level, I would almost guarantee they will require you to go to Simcom for training before you can fly the Baron.