Which Route?


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Okay....I know I asked this before, but should I go 141 or 61 at FSI? From my understanding 141 does not require DPE checkrides and if you fail a stage check, no pink slip goes in your FAA file as it does with a 61 checkride failure. Being that I failed my PPL checkride the first time (botched the soft-field takeoff), I am nervous about more 61 training. Anyone with insight, correct me if I am wrong and please enlighten me with advice. I saw in a recent post that someone starting this summer is going 61 to save time and money. I thought 141 was better. Please help! Thanks!
Sorry dude...can't help ya. I did my private 141. I have to do 141 for my VA bennies. You'll save $$ going 61. I wouldn't worry about pink slips too much. You'll know when you are ready, as will your instructor.

My .02

I was told that I could do a part 61 if I met the following requirements: A PPL with 161 total hours, and at least 80 hours PIC and 50 hours cross country pic. It was much cheaper for me to build those hours here. I have 14 hours to finish, and I will complete that by next week. That shortens my program from 26 weeks to 18 weeks. Hope that helps . . See you in Vero!
161 hours to do the part 61? When I visited FSI they didn't even tell me there was a 61 option, just told me about the 141 program. How much do i stand to save? I am a PPL with 84 hours.
You can do anything at FSI 61 if you want, but remember you have to meet the 61 time requirements (usually more time required), and most importantly you will have to take the check rides with the FEDS. I did my single engine commercial and MEI 61 (most people do) and the rides were not bad but the DE's are not FSI people and can be critical of some procedures. Everybody is entitled to their opinions. The examiners have done hundreds of FSI check rides so they have a good idea on what info you probally will be shakey on and go right for it.