Which is better?


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Sorry I havn't been around it has been a busy cpl of weeks, BUT I am back..


What’s better, leaving your current part time job, where you were underutilized and being paid on a perdiem basis (no fly no pay)

And moving to a new company with 9 times the aircraft, and ¼ the manning (1.25 crews per airplane.. fly fly fly)


Being offered a position with the new company that pays nearly 1/3 more than you were expecting??
Depends ...

Do you want more money or do you want to fly more?

Answer that and I think it'll pretty easy to decide.
I would go for option "fly fly fly," but I'm trying to build hours to work 121. If I had a great paying corporate job and didn't care to go into an airline I would stay there. Why not get paid more for less work? That's the American dream.
"Fly, fly, fly" and 1/3 greater salary are two different companies?

I'd take the latter, cuz you're clearly not a timebuilder, and the 1.25 crews per a/c co. will just burn you out.
"Fly, fly, fly" and 1/3 greater salary are two different companies?

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\\no they are the same company.

Fly more, pay more 401k etc etc..
EAGLE: Congrats man (that is... if you have been offered and have accepted the "fly fly fly + 1/3 greater salary)!!! OUTSTANDING!!

Now... don't forget about us little people back here at JC.

I'd say it depends on:

a) whether you want to fly, fly, fly; and

b) whether you have other sources of income that will support you if you don't fly and don't get paid.