Which Airline?


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Which major airline pays the most to there pilots?
Which regional airline pays the most to there pilots?
and how much do they get paid?


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747, after having observed your posts the last few weeks, i dont think you really need to be worrying about this at this stage in your life. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will be hired at a major by 24. You should work towards finishing high school then go out and get a bachelors degree or the question who pays the most wont matter.


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Great advice there!!


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By the time you are ready to get hired, the salaries may have changed quite a bit, so its hard to say who'll be paying the most when it comes time for you to start filling out applications. Just worry about your education and training and worry about getting hired when you get closer to that becomming a reality.


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It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will be hired at a major by 24.

[/ QUOTE ] That's really not true... it all depends on the market and how hard he works to get his college degree and to build his time.. if he works his tail off like doug did (fun is out until you get in the major's) then he can get in just like doug did at age 26 - again, depending on the market at the time...


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I say it is a good goal! Go for it, here I am at 24, wish I would have started training a lot earlier but hey I finished my degree at 23 and had no debt.


There was a Virgin 747 captain who was 24 - this was when Virgin was growing quickly and had an upgrade time of 2 years. I am almost 21 and not sure I would be able to cope with that responsibility, however it is achievable. I would keep an eye out for SkyGuyEd, at this rate he will be young at the majors!!!