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Ditto for me as well!! A fun 4 days in Indy, which included class, food, beer, a Pacers game, some more beer and a joke of a recurrent test!



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no there was a fa that said the door is closing. i had no idea anyone was in it. we just wanted to go check it out.


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doug goes for his in a few days... i'm meeting him over there to use the hotel room and meet up with some friends of mine. ;)


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Glad you fun, I guess you forgot what you studied for already;):D

Nah, it's still all up in my head. I think it will be exiting by Monday though! :p
The only downside to the week was that I was battling a nasty cold given to me by my very generous BF the week before. :mad: Not only did I feel like 10 lbs. of #### in a 5 lb. bag, but I LOOKED like it, too. :( Upside is, I wasn't out flying looking like that! :D