Where's my License?!?!!

juan valdez

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I took my A&P oral/practical back in November, the 20th I think. Anyway I still don't have my permanent license, just the temp. Obviously 120 days is approaching fast. Should I contact the FAA now or wait til after 120 days? I did move back in Jan. but it shouldnt take more than a couple days for it to be forwarded.
I know it's been processed becuase when I updated my address it showed up on my file online, but no sign of it in the mail.
DO NOT WAIT! If it gets to 90 days, give the FSDO a call and they can tell you exactly where it is or if they need to give you a field issuance of another temporary. They screw up paperwork all the time and each of my instructor licenses had to be tracked down so call them NOW, they don't bite.
I'll call tomorow. I assum I need to call Orlando FSDO as they are the controlling FSDO of where I got my license, even though I know live in Houston.
It's definitely been over 90 days, I wasn't so much worried about them biting as hassling someone for no reason. But now that it's crunch time I'm def going to get on it.
Don’t call the FSDO until you have checked with Airman Records about your certificate. Call 1-866-878-2498. When you get the voice prompt enter 1. At the next voice prompt, enter 1 again. That will give you the approximate date of issue being worked.