Where to purchase a lighted kneeboard?


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Hi guys I saw someone the other day with a kneeboard that had a light on it and found it quite cool but I'm not sure where to get one as I am working on my group 1 instrument rating in canada this summer, and have lots of xc time to build and want to do most at night so this would be handy. your help would be great, thanks.
Sporty's has them. I just wonder about fitting the chart on there without folding it, and what about the checklist.
I ordered one from sporty's a year or two ago and now the light won't work anymore. I may need to change the bulb but I haven't really tried. It's big enough to fit a sectional on and you can put a nav log on top of that, but it will hang off the sides. I put the checklist on my other leg or under the Nav log. I usually use a bigger clipboard that just sits on my lap for IFR flights, since you need to have more paperwork readily accessible. Overall it's kind of handy but not worth what sporty's charges. It's almost as easy to use a flashlight when you need to look at your nav log at night.

I would reccomend that you just buy the biggest clipboard you can find from home depot, and glue some carpet or something else that will increase friction onto the bottom (this way it won't slide off your lap quite so easy). Then just use file clips to secure your various paperwork/documents onto the clipboard. Cheap but effective.