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I really feel bad for anyone who got caught up in this scam...but does anyone know where in the hell these people are...seriously hunt them down and bring'em to justice.

Know one seems to know where they have hidden out... I know there have been many rumors of locations but I dont think anything solid...
I wish I knew where they were....one student jumped over the williams community gate and snuck up to their house...found them packing bags...so the kid followed them to a gas station and demanded for money back....one of the williams said..."what money?" and drove off into the sunset.
They were probably headed to the European home or their beach condo for a weekend getaway
They're probably hanging out with Frank Lorenzo somewhere.
Doug you might be on to something there. I remember Big Jim saying he was taking classes while I was there on management. He either failed or took Lorenzo's class on airline management.
Then Williams family owned and operated Airline Training Academy in orlando Florida, which closed its doors March of last year. The family took all of the students tuition money and ran.
Could this be one of the brothers? By the ratings and Cert's it could be the young'n.

Airman's Address :
FAA Region : Southern
Date of Medical : May, 2004
Class of Medical : 1
Expiration : Nov, 2004
Airman Certificates : Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Multiengine Land
Airplane Single Engine Land (Commercial Pilot)
Rotorcraft Helicopter (Commercial Pilot)
: Flight Engineer
Turbojet Powered
: Control Tower Operator

Edited by Doug Taylor - The last thing I want to do is get subpeonaed in a court case for providing his phone address on a public website so I edited the address information out
Addresses Are Public Record In FAA Data

Names, addresses are recorded for holders of any FAA issued licenses and certificates for: Pilots, A & P, Dispatcher, Control Tower, and others in the FAA web are all available from the FAA.gov website and other aviation websites that have data available. It is a public record and accessible to anyone.
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I know, but this isn't a public website, per se.

Some of my users expressed concern over the address information and I happened to agree. I'm afraid that by posting the information and saying "Here he is!", without actually researching the data, it might be the wrong person and some innocent schlub might get his windows broken.
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Stick to your Guns, Doug. You are in the right on this one.
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Whatever it takes to protect this site and the Taylor family fortune should be done....
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Nah, I just watched "The Big Lebowski" about three times over the past week during the commute to ATL.
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Doug I am going to dayshift at after I get back from vacation (7/14-8/01) whoohoo..anyway on those long layovers you get maybe we can do lunch or something.
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No problem. Now you work at the TOC or the terminal?