Where are some cool places in the NE to fly to???

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Via GA of course... Anything that is north of the D.C. I just want to see where all the cool spots to go flying into and spend some time in are...:)
Flying W, in jersey is excellent for a burger in the summer time (bring a bathing suit for the cool pool) (South/central jersey.. just outside philly)

RKD/ BHB Maine. RKD has a cool transportation musem on field, as well as nearby lobster fest activities, BHB has Arcadia National park.

In Nh, Leb(anon), for some nice scenery, Mt. Washington, as you get to fly up the white mountains right over 93, and see the presedential mountain range up close.

In the Winter, Alton Bay NH plows out a 5,000 foot ice runway, and has a pancake fly in Pres. day weekend every year. It gets an ICAO ID, so you can actually take most rented planes there. If you are unsure, go to LCI, and rent one with an instructor.

Wolfboro, NH.. but i think that one is gone... cool lake island airport.

Plymoth NH is a nice little 2300 ft grass field open to the public, nestled in the hills (may-nov) just call ahead to check on field conditions.

MHT has a small musem (open 3 days a week).

LCI also has gunstock ski area right around the corner, and is home of the Laconia Bike ralley (2nd or 3rd largest next to daytona and sturgis) There is a small boardwalk, water park, summer vacation area near by (decent non tree scenery there) also has the redneck airforce there 2x a year for Nascar (NHIS - Louden) if you want to spy a driver good views from the fence.

BTV has an active ANG squad, and an open observation tower in the terminal

MPV has Sambles resturante on field... which has EXCELLENT food... def. a good $100 burger place.

On Long Island, CCV (calverton) is open as a private field, if yuo call ahead you can land there. It was the site where the F-14 was developed and tested. some cool static displays etc, old facilities there.

MVY, block island, ACK for obvious summer reasons. MVY is good for celeb sightings in the summer.
Flying W, in jersey is excellent for a burger in the summer time (bring a bathing suit for the cool pool) (South/central jersey.. just outside philly)

MVY, block island, ACK for obvious summer reasons. MVY is good for celeb sightings in the summer.

forgot about these...Flying W, which I still haven't had a chance to visit is always an airport i hear a lot of good stuff about. Block island and ACK are two of my favorite places to go on cross countries.
Just go to skyvector.com and look around for interesting/unusual scenery.

That plus google earth is how I try to find interesting airports.
Block (BID) is great. Nice diner on site and the beach is 10 minutes walk down the hill.
Katama (1B2) airpark on the Vinyard is a grass field right on the beach and a diner on site.
Fisher Island (0B8) south of Groton is cool - tiny little strip.
BHB is awsome. I fly out of KPYM - nice diner on site. Chatam on the Cape (CQX), Marshfield (GHG), Newport RI (UUU), Montauk (MTP). Plenty more in NH and Maine
Lots really, are you looking for beachs, mountain, lakes or what??!!
Just spent a couple nights on a trip in Portsmouth, NH and I really enjoyed it...Nice town, with a TON of restaurants!

Just make sure you bring change for the parking meters if you drive. They are everywhere!
I bet almost no one has been to this one: Marlboro Massachusetts... This 1600 foot strip offers a difficult approach/landing over trees, but there is a nice ice-cream shop waiting for you when you get in. Very nice small community airport.
Yes to Flying W. I trained out of KPNE. And would go there. The pool is really a nice feature there.
As for BHB there is nothing challenging about the airport its self, but there is tons to do in the summer time.

As for the airports themselves I am partial to Sugarloaf Regional and Rangley. They are about 10 miles apart, land at sugarloaf first then take off to the north and fly through the valley to Rangely, that will be a flight that you will not forget. Twitchells has seaplanes, a 150 taildragger and a cub that the do rentals in an is one of three instrument approaches to a seaplane base in the state. Go to Greenville the weekend of the sea plane flyin.

Block Island, and Montauk (MTP) ate nice places to goto as well and are a bit closer to you.
Definitely BTV. I used to live near there. Awesome scenery and the observation tower that they have in the terminal is really cool. I spent many hours there and that is probably where the flying bug first hit me.

Of course it was part of an unscheduled FRA to BGR flight, but man, something about the landscape of Maine and seeing it from above is a little magical.

BGR? Hardly know her! ;)
Maine kicks ass. I've almost landed at every public use (and some not so public) airport in the state, and have yet to find one that I don't like. I don't think I've been above 2000 AGL on a VFR flight in over a year too.

BGR is about the most bland airport (11441 x 200 blech) you could have gone to as well. I wish I was in Bangor when you stopped in, I would have thrown your ass in a 150 and really showed you the state.