Where and When???????


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How about a show of hands:

1. Plan to attend ATP
2. Location
3. Ideal Start Date
4. Program

as for myself...
Yes [plan to attend, Arlington, Ideal start date April- May 1st.
90 -day career pilot program.


Sacramento or PHX

Starting sometime between Nov and Feb.

and would love to become and instructor there too.
1. Plan to attend ATP- Yes
2. Location-Dallas (Arlington)
3. Ideal Start Date- Late Summer
4. Program-90 Day

hey btw how are you guys going about financing this thing? Im thinking about using SLM
Location - Seattle
Start Date - 3/12/04
Program - Comm ME add-on, then to Vegas for Total CFI
Start date April 19th. Las Vegas. CFI program.
I noticed that some of you guys are not starting until the summer. Is ATP that full up until then or your personal choice? I live in ATL and have considered the 10 month program and if I choose ATP I will want to start soon.
I am doing the 10 month ACPP and started 2 weeks ago. I had no trouble getting a start date in Houston. In fact, I think I scheduled it only about 10 days in advance. I interviewed on a Tuesday, talked to Jim on Weds or Thurs and started on the following Saturday .
What was your interview session like. The guy I talked to a while back in ATL said its basic PVT pilot stuff. They just want to make sure you are teachable...
I figured there was a thread available just wasnt sure which one it was...thanks..
Ok, well it WAS the same time until the day before yesterday...had to bump it back to the 19th. You'll be a checkride ahead of me by then
. See you there.