When to Submit Apps


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So let us say I have a friend (sorta like Derg's friend, but on the other side of the table). That friend has a pedigree that has shown to have a track record of getting hired at the big three as well as Brown/Purple. The only problem is that he feels the need to commit to the military for 18 more months. If my friend does not want to submit his apps, and then proceed to wait for what feels like forever for a call nor does he want to submit too late and be pooled up until 2021 at whoever does hire him, when should he submit his apps? We imagine that the answer is different for every HR department, but are there any rules of thumb for what constitutes "too early" before an availability date?


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6months prior is a good starting point.

I don’t know how deep the pools are for those big 3 or box haulers. That’s something else to ponder.

Attend TAPS and take a nap. 1% of it applies to aviation.


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It’s really feast or famine. if you know you want to separate in the next 18 months, start applying now.

Any “big boy” airline is going to understand that you’re interested, but not quite available and will work with you.

Plus, it will provide a chance to get some apps out there and “tweaked” to perfection.