When flight training is slow


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Do you ever wish there were more pilots to train? If there were, the line for airline jobs would be that much longer.

When flight training is slow:
OPTIMIST: There's going to be a shortage of pilots soon, and I'll be in demand.
PESSIMIST: I will never get my hours at this rate.

I've signed off about 10 ATP in the last three months. Every one of these pilots is ahead of me in line for that airline job. Sure makes me wonder how many people are in line for the show, and how soon the doors will open.

Does anybody have real data (quantitative, not qualitative) on the age distribution for current airline pilots. What percentage of pilots are 59 years old (1% or 20%?). Is there really a big retirement coming soon. How do these numbers compare with the number of people waiting to get in?
dude, when I was like 14 and my dad was nearing the end of his aviation career, he was telling me of this shortage thats on its way. It was more like a spurt, it was there for like a few good years then it went back on its way down. Who knows!!!
Do you ever wish there were more pilots to train?

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Not really...I just wish the ones I have would come in regularly enough to make some progress. Instructing under Part 61 is such B.S. most of the time (but it has its advantages sometimes too I guess).
Ditto....gets kind of old when on lessons 6,7,8 you ask, "So, what is this again?" (pointing to the pitot tube) and you can just see the hamster running on that little wheel in the student's head but nothing comes out. But I guess thats just part of the game/job...and it certainly keeps things interesting from time to time. You also come to really appreciate the good students- the ones who actually study, take notes, etc....