Whats your favorite warbird? Why?


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Good planes, all. Esp. the P-61-- a much underrated fighter IMHO.
But guys, guys-- Enough with the lists! Pick ONE!! Your favorite, all time warbird.


Goin with the B-17G; Those things could fly to hell and back and still be flying. Boeing really had a winner with that one. Anyone seen the pictures of the planes that landed with half the fuselage or wings gone? That's pretty damn impressive considering that was only 40 years after the 'invention' of powered flight.


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The first B-36s only had the 6 turbo-compound radial piston engines. They added the 4 turbojets later for better take off performance and higher 'dash' speed on a bomb run. I guess they didn't want to be too close when one of those hydrogen bombs went off. The 4 turbojets were modified to run on avgas, so they didn't have to have separate fuel tanks.

I think that the airforce will never learn. They placed all their cookies in with the F-4 in the Vietnam era and had to bring the A4's out of retirement. Something about the new missles being super weapons and all. At least all the new fighters have a gun. Sooner or later they will wish they had a dedicated ground attack aircraft.


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Okay let me break out my list.

WWI: Spad
WWII: F4U Corsair
Korea: F-86 Sabre
Vietnam: F-8 Crusaider
Current: F-14 hands down. This aircraft has been pushed into the muli-role environment and has done extremely well. It went from a truly formidable long range fleet defender with it's Phoenix missiles, to dropping JDAMS and other precision guided munitions over Iraq.


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How I would've loved to fly a Skyraider. Something about oily, smoky, radial engines that you have to coax to life on initial start........

[/ QUOTE ]

Amen to that. Nothing beats the sound of a radial.


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F-14 Tomcat without a doubt. Now that is a what a fighter should look like! Plus you got swing wings, able to track 32 targets simultaniously and flys off a carrier to boot.

Also a fan of the F-15 Eagle, never have liked the F-16, you can't fly the thing without a computer, it's consitantly unstable.


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I'm gonna have to say the B-52 because of its awesome superiority and fire power. It's pretty amazing that it has been active for all these years, and still many too come. Man it would be cool to pilot one of those monsters!


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I love the looks and performance of the Corsair but my favorite has to be the HU-16 Albatross. My dream is to fly around like Jimmy Buffet.


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Ok, I'll weigh in on this one...

The Martin Mars

(For those who don't know what it is)

What can I say, I've always wished I could be a Pan Am Clipper captain - and this thing is one bada$$ seaplane.