What's up with Republic?


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Haven't heard anything about republic in awhile. Are there recalls going on? Anything positive over there?
Not really, we have recalled some but not all. I think there are still 70 or so guys on the street. Some of them went on to Compass so I don't know how many will be coming back. We are in Contract negotiations so the doom and gloom has been getting laid on pretty thick lately. However the lines for February were much better than Dec and Jan on the 145 side.
The CEO just ordered a hiring freeze. Not sure if things are really going to be all that different from a non-hiring freeze, because they will still replace for attrition (recalls and such) and obviously, if Republic struck a deal and needed more pilots, they would seek out more pilots. Why would a company do things to the contrary?
People are coming back slowly. I was called back at the end of November. I know some people came back 1/15.

Slow times over here.
Not a whole lot going on over here, as others have posted. Shuttle took possession of the last planned 175 (or will be very soon) and with that, for the first time in years, we don't have any planes on order for any certificate. It's a guess as to if anything will happen this year. Rumors abound everywhere, but I don't take them too seriously at this point. Just happy to be flying and not taking it for granted....though it all may change tomorrow.