What's The Frequency Jim ??? HUGE BRAINFART


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What\'s The Frequency Jim ??? HUGE BRAINFART

Here we go...I had a progress check for my IFR training today and about the only thing that went right was I taxied without taking out any lights and managed to make it back to the airport and landing without banging up the airframe.

The CFI saw my mistake from the get-go and let me continue on (we were VFR) to see if I would catch it. (progress check, not my normal CFII I was nervous as well)

I was shooting an ILS approach under "own nav". I started out direct to the VOR and then outbound for a procedure turn and back inbound. Can anyone guess what happened? I had my NAV1 dialed into the VOR to go direct but there was one slight mistake. This was an ILS approach, hence the title of this post...what's the frequency?? To make matters worse the VOR is not on the field so I was way way off. I was doomed from the beginning.

The instructor tried giving em hints, but for whatever reason I missed them. Inbound he even asked about the glideslope and it looked right on the donut. Again, I had the VOR and not the ILS dialed in.

p.s. A note to the CFII's out there...don't feed the information to your students. If their mistake is not going to cause any harm let them make the mistake and try to figure it out. I was flying with a different CFII today and he barely said boo! Where as my current CFII tends to be a little too forthcoming at times. I am not saying any way is right or wrong, but it is rather apparent that I have relied too much on my CFII.
I have plenty left to do, but needed to vent.

The flight felt like a huge waste of time. Maybe in hindsight, it will help in the end.

Have others hsd any such experience? I want my VFR flying.....
Re: What\'s The Frequency Jim ??? HUGE BRAINFART

Making those mistakes are the best way to learn. Sure it's a little embarrassing for you to have had a brain fart, but you'll probably not do it again, right? I think everybody has this happen to them a few times during training. Don't sweat it, keep plugging away.

As I used to tell my students, "Keep coming back. It works if you work it." (It's a motto from the twelve-step program, but I think it applies to flight training.)

Re: What\'s The Frequency Jim ??? HUGE BRAINFART

ya, i did the same thing once, except it was on the checkride! Boy, did that ever suck.