Whats the difference between NiCad and LED batteries?


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From what I understand-
Nicad will give you continuous power till the battery dies, and LED will give you less power as it weakens.

Anyone care to add or confirm?
The biggest difference is the price. I can't give you numbers but I know the Nicads are very very expensive.

Another difference is with Nicads you can have thermal runaways but not with Lead acid batteries.
With the NIcad batteries they can recharged at anytime w/o damage to the battery. Whereas the others need to be completly drained before recharging,m If you recharge a battery that was not drained, it will damage its ability to hold a charge.
Nickel-Cadmium batteries tend to put out a constant power right up until they die. The amperage and voltage (particularly important for starts) will remain high for a certain period and then drop like a cliff. Thermal runaway is a condition in which the battery will no longer put out power but continues to recieve a charge from either generators or alternators. Since all this energy is being absorbed and not put out it becomes heat. The hotter a battery is the more difficult it is to put out power, so the condition worsens if it continues to receive a charge. Almost any aircraft with NiCads is equipped with a battery temperature guage and many also have an associated annunciator warning light. The location of a hot battery could be very critical, as many are housed in the wing or wings. Lead-Acid batteries differ in that they take a charge without absorbing as much heat. The voltage and amperage they put out declines very slowly over a long period of time, as the reaction between the Lead (or a substitute metal) and electrolyte (acid) weakens. Voltage and Amperage (specifically cranking amperage) become critical in turboprop engines where airflow is everything and a faster start is a cooler one.