What's the CL-65 type good on?


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I had Bombardiers number ready to go........

135/121 whoever signs for the aircraft is PIC, and that is how it is recognized industry wide, even if both pilots are typed. Logging time otherwise is considered less than honest, and can easily be found out by your next employer more than likely.

Pt91, well, let's go shoot a 0/0 approach, and see how it goes since at the end of every ILS is a runway.
PIC is pretty cut and dry. I was talking about PNF logging IMC time when they're not actually flying. They're still required to "operate" the plane, but they aren't manipulating the controls. Since the FARs use the word "operate," it's left open to interpretation on if it's legal to log or not as PNF, hence the reason you'll get 8 answers from 6 FAA inspectors. PIC, IMO, it's whoever signs for the aircraft. Some guys will argue that if they have a type, they can log the legs they fly. I argue those people can't legally log it as PIC in a 121 environment since they haven't had a PIC checkout.