Whats gunfighter and magic?


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I was flying by myself today from SNA to PSP and had to cross a TFR for the rpesident and all I heard was this call sign called gun fighter and magic. Does anyone know what that is? I'm guessing they were the presidents escorts? ATC kepting calling out F16 traffic to everyone flying around there.

The biggest pain was trying to get off the ground at PSP. I call FSS and tell them I'd like to file for the TFR, she asks me whether I had the TFR notams and what not. I said yes, and she just proceeded to tell me any way. PISSED ME OFF.....A LOT! It took her 15 minutes while I was sitting there on my cell with the engine running talking to ground. I then Call ground finally and they say they have nothing on file. I then get a message on my phone saying to call back FSS. I shut down, call them back, and the guy who knew what he was doing said he had no idea why the girl had held up my flight plan? Anyways, as I turned everything back on ground calls me up and says "there you are, you just popped up". So I finally get outta PSP only to have to climb to 8500 becuase of the TFR. Pain in the rear. What was most important was that I was suppossed to be breaking in a new cylinder and not going above 2500. I had no choice with ATC yelling at me for being 100 feet off my altitude.

Boy I love it when the president comes to town ARggghhhh!

In the end, I went to PSP to talk to a skywest manager I know, about a job and if I get it, all that happend will be forgotten!!!!!!