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I'm heading to OKC in Oct. I have over 6 years experience controlling in the military so I was hired VRA. My brother in law is really interested in becoming a controller and has asked me for info. Since I had a totally different process than most I have a few questions.

-Where do you start if you are applying with NO experience and are not a CTI.

-He turns 31 in January, can it be done???

- Do you take a test before or after you apply?

Any answers would be great, even a link to the info.

Thanks in advance:nana2:

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Hate to be a debbie downer , but i don't think there is any way your friend could have a TOL before they turned thirty one.:(


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I would say no. You have to have a TOL in hand to have your age froze. Since the fastest process for anyone on here in the OTS applicants has been 4-5 months with most ranging over 6 months, I would say that just a little too late. If he had applied to the OTS last summer I would think he would have had a good shot, or even the Feb OTS. 3 other application processes have taken place since then and all those applicants are in front of him. They range in waiting for geo preference to the OK for the AT-SAT. I don't think he would even be approved for the AT-SAT before his birthday much less had an interview and received a TOL. Sorry for the bad news! :(


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Yeah no chance, He would have had to be in my group (Pubnat 2) for him to have at least a semi-chance, since we are expected (if all stays on track) to receive TOL's by December/January.


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so there's no shot at all?
...with the FAA, probably not.

BUT. Don't toss in the towel yet. If he's got a serious interest in being a controller, Robinson is a good route for those who didn't make the age cutoff. About three months ago I went to an municipal airport where the tower was run by Robinson and was invited to come up and chat with the controllers there. One was a girl who was in a similar situation, missing the cutoff date by just a few months. She called up Robinson, went through their process, and has been controlling for about three years -- and recently decided that she was going to head over and do it in Dubai for a while. Let's see you do THAT with the FAA.

Have your friend PM me on here if they'd like more details on how that route goes and I'll try to get the controller to email him or her.