What would you do?


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I was just wondering what flight school everyone out there would go to if they could only pick one school. also, for all you guys and girls who have already finished your training, if you had to do it all over again where would you go.

maybe be can keep this poll going and see what school everyone prefers.....
If I could choose any Flight School it would be UND (University of North Dakota) becuase I have heard great things about them. I guess you could say I have finished most of my training (CFI and Commercial Dual) and if I could do it all over I would go to UND. Didnt have the money to though so I went to a local state school called Louisiana Technical University, it was alright becuase everthing worked out but nothing to special.
I'll tell ya, I went to Western Michigan University for the flight program there. It's the third largest college program in the world, and I think the second best program behind UND.

I switched majors completly out of the college of aviation after my first year.

The program BLOWS. If you come in with your PPL or anything higher you are almost repremanded because they want to take you from zero hours. You don't fly until your Junior year, and I don't think the university does a good enough job at trying to explain to people the state of the industry. They want you're money as far as I can see.

Baring that, I love Western Michigan. It's a wonderful overall school, cheap enough for being the school it is, and I've met some really wonderful people there. Though if I had my sh*t together when I was in high school and knew what I know now, I woulda gotten better grades, went to the University of Michigan and majored in political science (my current major) and just gone that route. Things have worked out pretty well for me, though. I've got some great training at a local FBO.

Had I gone the route of U of M (or any other non-flight program for that matter), I think ATP sounds like the best deal there is. They don't seem like a pilot factory like some academy's. It sounds like they want to train pilots, not take your money and run. The multi time you get is a plus, and I have not heard a bad thing about the place from anyone. I might go and do my multi with them eventually, maybe even the CFI/II/MEI dealie.


John Herreshoff
i agree, i will be graduating Auburn University in May of 2004 with a degree in Aviation Management. After i graduate i plan on going to ATP and do the career pilot program and hopefully instruct with them. from what i have read and listened to people say, ATP is the best program out there.

Any other guys/girls want to give there 2 cents?
Well, so far I'm happy with ATP. Hopefully at the end of the program I'll feel the same way. Right now, I feel I made the right decision.