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If you were me what would you do? I'm 30 something years of age (career changer), scheduled to start ATP’s PPL/ACPP in August. I go to my boss today, and tell her my story and give her my two weeks notice. She says -Short version: I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving, is there anything we do so that you will stay? I start thinking – we’ll there is the ATP CPP program. I reply yes, I would need 8 weeks off in August (PPL program in JAX), and a modified work schedule (9 hours a day for 4 days a week, 4 hours a day 1 day a week), required to be available for the CCP. I figure, while I'm asking I might as well as for the whole kit and kabootal - Also, I’d need a reasonable time frame to promotion. She replies - no problem on the 8 weeks off, no problem for the modified work schedule but the best I can do on the promotion is October 03 and 83K. I almost s*$t on myself. Trying to be cool, I told her that I thought that was a very generous offer, but I’d have to think about it.

Walked out of her office, immediately called ATP to switch to the PPL/CCP program. The ATP person on the other line told me that the PPL program can not be taken with the CCP program, only the ACPP program, even though the website says otherwise. The ATP person told me they would call me 12p (eastern) back. However, as of this post 8p eastern, haven’t heard back from ATP.

I have to give my boss my answer in the am!
Longhaul, I envy your situation. JD is right. Go through an FBO if you need to to get your private. You could do it with 8 weeks off. Also, the person on the phone may have just been wrong. I'd say call ATP back in the am and see what you can work out. From everyones posts on here, sounds like they are easy to talk to.
Keep the job, do your PPL at Leesburg or someplace nearby, 8 weeks is more than adequate if doing it full-time--but it'll probably cost you more, certainly to 85 hrs. The ATP PPL thing is a phenomenal deal, take it if they offer it, but do the 10 month program for sure. You're making good money, no reason to sacrifice that until necessary.
Thanks for the thoughts. Decided to keep the job and hope I can work it out with ATP. If not, I'm sure my $$$ is good elsewhere.
I'm with these guys. It sounds to me like you've got an amazing hookup if you swing it.

Let us know how things go.


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Yeah man,

I got my PPL at Leesburg. They are very accomodating towards students. If you want a PPL in 8 weeks, they will oblige!

They also have a new career-pilot program. I don't know too much about it but it may in fact be linked to ATP. Check that out too.

If I were you' I would not give up a well paying job if you have the energy and drive to train agressively on the side.

Spoke with ATP again today. To their credit, they apologized for not getting back to me. The decision maker regarding taking the PPL with the 10 month program was out of the office. I'll try to catch him on Monday.

Thanks again for all your input. Have good weekend. Fly Safe!
I agree with the others get your Pvt at a FBO and then head to ATP. If you boss is willing to work a schedule for you then its almost a no brainer. Not many would be willing to acomodate. Take advantage of the offer and fly like crazy. Good luck
O.K. Spoke with the ATP decision maker - no problem switching to PPL/CPP program. In my book ATP has confirmed that it is still the best program around - value, quality and integrity.

Thanks again for your thoughts. I guess I'm in for the longhaul (no pun intended).
Yeah.. I'm constantly impressed by their willingness to actually work with the people paying them... They have some good leadership over there