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Hi everyone!

Over the past year I have researching various flight schools across the country. Based on the information ATP sent me and answers to my questions it looks like ATP might be the choice for me. I plan to do the 60-day PPL at JAX then continue on the 90-day ACPP at PHX.

I plan on going to JAX in Jan to view facilities and plan to start in May…

With what seems a short amount of time to get up to commercial grade what is the student life at ATP? Will there be any free time to do something else to avoid pilot/student burnout or will it be typical 18-hour plus school day?

I heard a lot about getting written(s) done ASAP. Would it be advisable to work on written(s) for ACPP before PPL or during PPL? Any good strategies/time frames for this?

My background: I have a bachelor’s degree and have been working in the professional workforce for a few years. I have been to so called “Professional Boot Camps” for a week or two which require every waking moment towards your studies. What should I know to expect when attending ATP???

The pace is quite reasonable.

You will have roughly 200 hours at the yoke in about 90 days. That's about 2 hours per day on average. Leaves plenty of time for ground school and studying. Some days you don't fly. Other days, like during XC phase, you might fly 8 hours.

Yes, you'll have time to catch an occasional movie, but you won't come home and watch TV every night. You are immersed in a training environment with other pilots who have the same goals. You will find that working with other students make the program more fulfulling and enhances learning.

Writtens... yes, do as many as you can before starting. If they seem too tough before starting the PPL, then to the FOI (Fundamentals of Instruction) first. This test requires no aviation knowledge. I suggest just reading the Jepps private pilot and commercial instrument pilot books in preparation for your training.

Good luck with the program.
Having the writtens done or as many as possible before you start the program will allow for a much more relaxed and enjoyable learning experience. I had all but 2 done (FOI, FGI) before I started the ACPP and had plenty of time to relax and/or get ahead on the quizes and other homework.
Thanks for your help!

I will definitely be cracking the books/dvds to try to get as much of the writtens done before my instruction comes around.

Happy Holidays!