What to do with my "Stuff"....


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What to do with my \"Stuff\"....

I am shooting for a Dec/Jan start date in Vero Beach. Here's my situation - I'm 32 years old single and been on my own for 10years so I have accumulated a fair amount of "Stuff": furniture, kitchen stuff, wardrobe, etc.

My question is when I embark on this change in careers - that will involve 2 (+) years in Vero - what should I do with my stuff, take it with me, store it, dump it (I'm not that attached to it.) What do I need to bring/ keep.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: What to do with my \"Stuff\"....

It might be cheaper to have a garage sale, then buy new stuff in two years than to store it.

One alternative is build a storage building yourself if you have property (or know someone who will buy the building after you are done with it).


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Re: What to do with my \"Stuff\"....

I say downsize and garage sale it. You're most likely going to move a few more times after Vero too. Might as well get ready for the transient life style now...