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I just want to take a quick minute to thank @Derg and all the other users I’ve met and befriended on this site over the years. I started lurking around these parts back in 2004 while still a Forestry undergrad wanting nothing more than to fly airplanes for a living. I joined in 2005 what was one of the friendliest, supportive, and downright hilarious groups of people. Everyday was an interesting story, anecdote, or dissemination of helpful information. I never post much, sticking to an ethos of only contributing when I felt I had something productive to add to a conversation but have still managed to meet and befriend some great people.
Once I finally began pursuing a career in aviation it was this site and the people on it that helped guide me down the right path through numerous intersections that has led to a very successful career in this field. It was through folks on this site (@EIR ) that I got my first and most important jobs without which I don’t know where I would be right now.
I’m now halfway through IRU at FedEx on the MD-11, my dream plane at my dream job, and I want @Derg and everyone else who made this site what it was to know that it worked. I’m just one of numerous stories where the spirit that guided the formation of this place accomplished its intended goal.
To all of you I say thank you!
I love this kind of stuff. It continually blows my mind how I met a lot of my friends from this site when they were CFIs or even working on their ratings and now they're in similar shoes to you, flying giant planes all over the world.
Yup, I met lifelong friends here, and mentors, and tried to do my best to help people achieve their dreams like people had helped me. This site has had a marked and important impact not just on my career but on my life. It’s a good place.
Awesome story!! Congratulations and welcome to FedEx!
Appreciate it. 4 years of “ they’re gonna call, one of these days they will call” and now I can hardly believe it actually happened. I think I may be more relieved to not have to update my application every couple of weeks.