What should I take to ERAU


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I just have a quick question. What should I do- Take my car to Daytona Beach with me for college or sell it.

I think a car would be nice to have because my family lives up in the northeast and it would be easier if i could just drive up every once in a while instead of buying an expensive plane ticket.

I'm taking my car from CA if I'm accepted (which I'm expecting), but I'm not driving it. If I can help it, I won't have it driven at all because it needs valve work, and I don't want to take a 2900 mile chance, so I'll have it trucked if I can for an affordable price. Do you plan to drive it all that way? What kind of a car do you have?

Hey i gotta '95 honda civc. Its in decent condition and im planning to drive it. I mean im gunna be so poor that im not going to be able to fly.

By the way- if your from cali, why dont u just go to prescott cuz its closer
I have thought about going to Prescott, but believe it or not, I like FL better than AZ, don't ask me why though.
I'm going to Phoenix this month, and I might stay a few extra days and swing by Prescott while I'm there to check it out. I'd also like to visit the DB campus before I commit myself to the university and area for 4-6 years just to make sure I'm going to like it.