What is "ERR"


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Welcome to Errol Airport (ERR) in beautiful Errol, New Hampshire! :sarcasm:


(I'm totally j/k :buck:; it's barely even an airport)

HAHA that's the best I could find. I just wrote back and asked-- i didn't want to because I didnt want to push my luck with another email. He said it as if it was something I would be familiar with, and HR would be for sure. I guess we'll find out...


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It is an Employee Relocation Request...it's basically what it says...a request to relocate. The unique thing about it, an open bid does not have to be in effect for the facility that you want to relocate to...you can relocate without a bid even being announced. You are only eligible to relocate up to two facility levels higher than the highest facility you have ever been checked out in...so if the highest facility level you were checked out in is a level 9, even though you may currently work at a level 5 facility, you may submit an ERR up to a level 11 facility, but you would not be able to submit one for a level 12.

The ERR I believe has to be accompanied by a valid reason for the relocation...not just because you want to change jobs. It's almost like a hardship...but not quite I suppose.

You can ask Towerboss...he knows a lot more information about them than I do.

Anyways, I think that is what you were getting at.

Hope it helped and I was mongering on a thread like Raydon thinks I like to do all the time...haha


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Yes an ERR is what LG said. It is the old IPP for those who've been in awhile. They happen but you move on your own dime. I'm willing to answer any questions via PM.