What if I cant absorb fast enough?


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What happends if I cant absorb the material fast enough, will they let me take it on my time?
From what I hear you really need to keep up b/c you need the writtens to take the checkrides and the free housing probably is only good for so long.

Give yourself time before the program by learning all of the written material before you start. Take the King video courses. Go to this site and 'rent' them.

That is what I did.

Give yourself a head start. Once you pick a start date, make sure it is a month or better in the future, as you'll have a 45 page supplement and a 3/4" thick Seminole ref to REALLY know. FYI: They send you every PTS, Oral Exam Guide, three deceptively plain (they're quite good) Flying Manuals from the FAA, the Gleim books, and an Instrument/Commercial Jepp book when you plunk down the deposit.

Steve: Well, Redbird isn't for me. I don't have the time to sit and wait...and wait... so I got a pair of LORs and sent them with my rez on Saturday. Got hired Thursday. Report next Thursday.
I'm gonna miss my baby, but I'll be back. (I've really, really missed ATP. Glad to be back with them.)
Gildal: I'm trying to explain that you should ensure that you are ahead of the game by knocking out the writtens on your own first. At least be competent enough to ace them when you start the program, and take them all the first week. If you do that, AND set up plenty of time to receive your training materials to study the supplement, you'll be okay (in fact, you'll be impressing the hell out of your instructors). All you have to learn from there is how to fly the Seminole, and there is a TON of time for that. You get all of the sim you want, too. There really is nothing frantic about the pace at all at the beginning. It gets wacky during your XC phase, when you fly so much you forget what day it is and can't remember which day that week you were in GA or KY or anywhere else.

If you can't do it, you can quit and will be billed for the time on the A/C, the sim, and the written tests and receive a refund. The only time I personally saw that happen was due to student laziness/unwillingness to learn. You have nothing to worry about if you just do the work.

Flayallday: They helped immensely. Don't buy/rent the instrument tapes AND the CFII tapes- they're identical (as is the test bank).