What I did before Lunch


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This is what I did this am.
Had a Hot start on one enginge had to abort,
Had a fire on the APU, had to do an emergency shutdown
Had a brake failure, had to use the emergency brake system
Had a steering malfunction during take off, had to abort
Had a rudder hardover / rudder bias failure, had to abort
Had an engine quit at V1 with a 300 foot overcast ceiling, was able to get a restart onced we leveled off.
Had another engine failure on a go around ( 747 taxied onto the runway ... bastard ), this time couldn't get it restarted ... single engine landing.
Had a runaway trim motor, hit the interupt button ... now where is that circuit breaker ...
Had an attitude indicator failure during a turn, caught it transfered control to the copilot untill I did the manual reversion
Had a total flap system failure, landed with a Vref of 151with a inoperative airspeed indicator, had to use AOA only.
Recovered from a nasty unusuall attitude
Did steep turns, left and right
Did power on stall, power off stall, accelerated stall, and a landing configuration stall.
Had a thermal runaway on a nicad battery
Had an uncontrolled airplane roll caused by a speed brake not retracting after doing an emergency descent caused by a rapid decompression at FL 370
Did an ILS to mins
Did an NDB to mins
Did an LOC only with a circle to land at circling mins
Did a GPS with a full procedure missed approach ( parrallel entry of course )
Had a TCAS RA and had to maneuver to miss the 757

Did all this before Lunch in a 2.5 hr. sim session at FSI in Wichita, KS. Can't wait for tommorrow, now its off to academics.

Aint this flying stuff fun ...
Ah, the joys of flying the box. My next turn in the torture chamber is scheduled for February at Simuflite. At least after the beatings are over there's good food to be had ...

I miss the sim. It was a blast. Next turn up, August. Should be fun!
I miss the sim. It was a blast. Next turn up, August. Should be fun!

[/ QUOTE ]Szluka, saying stuff like that is the sign of a sick mind! I think of the sim kind of like I think of visiting my parents as an adult ... I look forward to it before I go, and after I leave I'm glad I don't have to go back for another six months!

Nah, I look at it as an ultimate challenge. When they keep throwing stuff at you, trying to overload you, but you still manage to get the bird down you feel so good afterwards!
[/ QUOTE ]Szluka, saying stuff like that is the sign of a sick mindFL270

[/ QUOTE ]

You don't have to be crazy or sick in the head ... but it helps
Sounds like an awesome morning.

I sat in a boring meeting and got all of my ideas criticized and then shot down. After that went back to my office to wish I were up in a plane being criticized, but not shot down. Oh well, maybe someday....
As I'm reading your list of malfunctions downward, after a little bit I started thinking," damn, he's having a crappy day", and as I progress I'm thinking "time to park that P.O.S. in the hanger", and then then of course it was all too clear you were in a sim. Still, quite the workout.

"that which doen't kill you only makes you stronger"

Feel any better? Didn't think so. There will come a day when I'm working for a regional and will be doing the 6mo. "torture chamber" and it sounds cool now to be in the sim but I know when the shoes on my foot it won't be cool at all.

Quite the buttload of failures thrown at you . Makes a regular checkride look like a walk in the clouds.
LOL, that is what I thought as well while reading all of that stuff...then it all made sense at the bottom.
Day 2 was more of the same stuff.

Day 3 Checkride
1.2hr. Oral ... mostly EP's and Limitations
Hot start ... abort the start keeping the starter engaged untill normal ITT (temp)
Fire light/bell on take off roll ... aborted
Stuck elevator at V1 ... aborted
Engine failure on climb out ... did the inflight restart.
Thrust reverser deploy right after lift off ... whoa hands full, copilot stowed it in great fashion ... owe him a beer.
T/R emergengy followed by loss of hydraulics ... complete failure ... had to blow the gear down, use emergency brakes on landing ...
Stabilizer Trim runaway times two. One landing "normal" the other landing had to deploy both roll spoilers to move center of lift to complete a zero flap landing.
Jammed Elevator right after lift off ... (BE-1900 crash in CLT / air alaska) had to roll to about 90 degrees of bank to maintain controll while running electric stabilizer forward and reducing power to gain contoll ...land zero flaps with NO FLARE ( BTW only time we land w/o a flare )
Wind shear useing the Dallas, TX Delta L10-11 scenerio ... power max pitch to stick shaker and hang on.
Steep Turns
Stall series
Unusuall attitudes
Localizer circle to land at mins
ILS to mins ... full stop landing no Flight Director ...Wahh!
ILS to mins ... Coupled w / go around followed by engine failure on the go. Followed by:
Single engine ILS with a Missed approach to holding
NDB full Procedure ... ie: No vector to final
Uncommanded Rudder Motion / Jammed rudder with a cross wind landing, repeated with landing into the wind.
Engine Fire on the ground ... emergency shut down / evacuation. Great way to end the Sim session.

Some times the training scenerios in the sim don't allow for good decision makeing. If I just missed off an ILS and then had an engine failure I would probably not fly the ILS again untill wx improved or I would go to another airport where the success of the approach is more realistic, but the sim evaluator has to see certain performance based tasks, so they are really not setting one up for failure when they give you a single engine ILS with wx below mins. its just that they have to see you do a Single Engine ILS with a Missed Approach to Holding. All in all it is great training.

The worst part was getting home from Wichita to PA. The flight out of ICT was delayed because of WX in ATL. Finally got to ATL and my connection was CXL'd due to WX plus the fact that ATL was down to one RWY because the lights went out on the other RWY, spent the night in ATL ... I went to a hotel, I wasn't going to sleep on the floor of the airport, thank goodness for a liberal expense account. The next morning the first flight out of ATL to home was overbooked, so I rescheduled via CVG then on to home. Got home and no luggage ...surprise surprise. The first direct flight from ATL to home was delayed and by going from ATL - CVG - home I actually got in 20 min. earlier than the "early" flight ... fourtunatly for me my luggage was on that flight.
I can only hope that when our executives travel they have as much "fun" as I did so they really appreciate our corporate jet. Again I was very dissapointed with the rudeness of people and the crap that CSR people have to put up with. I did have to "push" for the reroute via CVG, the CSR girl told me initially that she could only put me on the 4:30pm flight out of ATL, I knew better than that, but I did maintain a calm demeanor so she finally put me on the CVG routing.

Six more months and I get the chance to excell again.