What do schedules look like?


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I am so glad I found this board! It has been a huge help in my search for schools and with the questions I've had during this whole process. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
My question is: I was wondering how much time is spent at school, either in ground school or in flight. Is it regimented ie: 9-5 or can the time you put in vary greatly or be last minute? The reason I ask is that I currently run a small business from home. It is a very low-key kind of job and I hardly do any work but answer phones. If I can keep this on the side and go to school that would really help me out. (You know Ramen Noodles for a whole year, is just not fun) But, if I won't be able to schedule everything with at least some notice, then I'll have to sell and deal with it.

You're schedule is pretty much dictated by you. Ground schools generally run 8-12, with the occasional 1-5. You will only be in class for a few weeks at a time. Your flight schedule is how you & your instructor plan it. Different people go through this program at different paces. In my case, there are people who started after me who have passed me up, & vice versa. An FSI students life is pretty much up to the schedule that comes out every afternoon at around 4:00pm, that covers the following day. It sounds like your business is pretty flexible, so it probably wouldn't be a problem. Other people I know of hold down part time work. Hope this helped.

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If the flight scheduled is based on the IP and the student. Is the academic ground, done with the same IP, or another instructor.?

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All of your ground schools will be done in a classroom setting with FSI ground school instructors. Your IP will do some one on one scheduled ground briefs with you, but the courses will be taught over in the academic building with the academic instructors. You have some control as to when you take the classes, but is mainly based on when FlightSafety offers them.