What Benifite Do You Get From The Turbine Bonanza?

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In another thread at studentpilot.com a couple people said they'd want a turbine Bonanza if they could have any GA single. That got me thinking, a guy that comes into GED has the same Allision conversion on his P210 and a couple of pilots and I were talking about it saying that it wasn't worth 600,000. So is the conversion on the Bonanza worth it? I can't imagine you could go much farther or faster, only higher. Is there a big change in gross wieght?
Is there a big change in gross wieght?

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I can say that gross weight is USUALLY limited by stall speed in single engine aircraft - it's a certification issue. But flying higher would be advantage enough to many pilots.
Turbine Bonanza? Naaaah. PC 12? Hellz yeah! Same powerplant as on a Brasilia.

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The PC12 has a PT6A-67B Engine, and the EMB-120 has a PW118B engine....nearly twice the power of the PC12!!!
I think there is only one Turbine Bonanza in the world. It was for sale this summer and it was not really all that fast (around 220kts if I recall). The best part was that it burned like 30 gallons an hour so you could fly about 1.5 hrs with an IFR reserve. STUPID!!!
Turbine Bonanza

Looks like it does hold more fuel than the standard A36. Still seems pretty dumb.

Even better! Check out the photos... Its got a throw over yoke!!!
Actually there's been quite a few converted to turbine. Here's an article on one company doing the conversion and a pretty good write-up on the advantages and disadvantages: Pilot Journal article
Correct me if I'm wrong (not that any of you would fail to do that!) but didn't Jimmy Buffet arrange the first Turbine Bonanza conversion? I remember seeing it taxiing around KORL.
29 gph!?! No wonder it needs the extra fuel capacity.

That's the trouble with turbines and GA. Below about 700 shp, reciprocating engines are tea-sippers combared to turbines for a comparable power output (although the power-weight ratio still is worse for recips.)

It does look like a pretty slick plane. When is there going to be a five-blade version?
There's actually a few turbine Bonzana's around, but there are actually quite a few single-engine turbine Barons running around.

After having flown with turbine powerplants, I'd much rather have a single turbine engine on an airframe rather than two piston engines.

VFR only, of course.
The PC12 has a PT6A-67B Engine, and the EMB-120 has a PW118B engine....nearly twice the power of the PC12!!!

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I think the PT6A-67 is what's on the Beech 1900D, but the -D variant of the engine.
Not sure about the Bonanza, but I fueled a C-210 with the Allison conversion and he made a 2-leg trip from the west coast to east coast (VNY-SLN, SLN-TEB). If I remember right it had 5 fuel tanks and I think I topped it off with around 125 gallons.