What are ADF, VOR, and radius approaches


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Hey everyone,

Does anyone know what ADF, VOR, and radius approaches are...I was talking with a pilot and I did not understand these words. I sort of know what a VOR approach is....can someone please clarify these words.

these are types on non precision approaches, (not providing vertical guidance)

The VOR uses a radial (a course derived from the signal from the VOR it self. (the big bowling pin looking building sometimes found on airports)

The ADF is really an NDB approach the non directional beacon,. You tune in the signal and follow the course. It is relitive to you. If you are flying exactly to the beacon it will show it’s relative bearing. Directly in front of you… if it is off your rt wing it would be at 90 degrees, 180 behind and so on..

The last one is actually a DME arc, where you know your distance f4rom a point (usually a VOR using your radios, and you may need to keep 10 miles away sop you fly a circular pattern, until a specific point and turn inbound.