What aircraft does FSA use?


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Hi there, I know about the Cadets for private and Seminole for multi and the Zinth areobatic trainers. What do they use for single comerical? Arrows? They also have a Senica twin and a Citation Jet for advanced training don't they?

And what about approx numbers and build dates for each?

They do use Arrows for Single Engine Commercial. You have your choice of either IFR Cadets or Seminoles to do your instrument in...but most people prefer to use the Seminoles. The Senecas are almost exclusively for foreign airline contract training, you won't fly those. The jet is something FSI will lease for a short time but I have never seen it here. That again is something you will never fly and usually for some sort of airline training.

The Seminoles are maybe 1 or 2 years old. There are 5 old Seminoles left that you use for your initial multi training. They are early 80's vintage I believe. The Cadets and Arrows seem to be about the same age as well.
Not to nit pick, but they are called Zlin arobatic planes. I just flew in one today. I got a little dizzy, but had lotsa fun.......!
This was posted before but I thought I might bring it to the front of the forum for any new or prespective students!

Here is a link to the Aircraft check lists. I think it is very helpfull to have the items in the blocks memorized before you start flying. They are not kept updaed but should be usefull to learn the FSA procedures. I also scanned the training area map so you can have some area familiarization before getting here. Any questions or problems with these let me know.