What about ATA?

Are you referring to Airline Training Academy? There's a separate forum dedicated to it that should give you some answers (or more questions)
ATA is awful! They cursed FSA during my tour with them and said every other school sucked except for them! As a side note, I saw one of their planes land on runway 11L yesterday when the current runway in use was 29R. Not a good sign! Stay away from them!
I was on the ground at the ramp watching this happen. As he was landing on 11L, a lear was touching down on 29L. I would have loved to be on the radio when it happened!
Not about ATA, but last week the tower sent a memo to FSI which advised -

All FSI aircraft please excercise extreme caution when Embry-Riddle aircraft are in the pattern.

I quess they have been having a lot of problems with these students lately.
I did the Adopt A Pilot program a few weeks back and let me just tell you that the tower people HATE everything about Embry Riddle especially but also ATA. Their gripe is that they will come down as a group of 4-6 planes and all want to do the same thing at the same time. They will take off and circle and wait for each other. You can see why this would piss them off....

I'm not sure if this is the case but they do sometimes land people on the opposite runway if it is convenient and will expedite things. It happened three times when I was up there during a 4 hour span. Twice for the Piper test pilots and once for one of the Mountain Air FedEx Caravans. Obviously they know these guys can fly the heck out of their airplanes!
When I was here at FSA a little over a year ago completing my CIME I witnessed an ATA twin landing on RWY 22 have their nose gear colapse. I have never seen three guys run from a plane so fast. I spoke with them later and they said the plane had just been squawked for gear problems. They were pissed. I don't blame them. Anyway I am not sure what this say's about their maintenance. Could have just been one of those day's we do not want to experience. ILS
Hey I saw that happen also.

The part I thought was hilarious (given that no one was hurt) was that the ATA airplane was all smashed up pretty much right in front of FlightSafety's ramp and dispatch building. Didn't do too much for ATA ego's.
Since all three of 'em were probably loggin PIC, I wonder who had to do the paperwork!

Ooooh, they're not the only one. Every time I see an ATA multi (maybe 4 times), more dudes stumble out of it than a clown car at the circus.