Western Michigan hosts Gulfstream


Antisocial Monster
Heya everyone,

So I just got an e-mail a few minutes ago from the Alpha Eta Rho chapter here at Western Michigan University. It turns out the college of aviation here sent them an e-mail stating that they are hosting an informational meeting for Gulfstream Academy so that WMU graduates can look at Gulfstream as an option after leaving here.

Quite honestly, I'm speechless. I can't believe that this college would host, and seemingly endorse a PFT academy that someone told me is run by a scab. The header says "Gulfsteam Academy if one of the world's most unique aviation programs."


John Herreshoff
Make a sign and heckle!
I feel like making a sign with a big middle finger on it and standing in front of the airport in Battle Creek. All my opinions of this aviation program have changed in the last 15 minutes.
I'd go for the free pizza, but I have inst. ground out in BTL when it takes place.
Show him a copy of the scab list with his name on it and see if he knows anything about it!
You are surprised a college would do that?

Wait till you graduate and see how often they call you begging for money. They have no scruples!
Sorry to say John, but colleges (Universities) are a business today. They are all about the money and putting on the pretense that they care about the future employment of their graduates. You should read “The Fall of the Ivory Tower” it has great insight into the American higher education system.
Read it? I could write it!

I have never placed college professors and administrators high in the "ethics" scale.
i find that pretty amusing. i graduated from western with the aviation mangement degree and went elswhere for all my ratings. i had friends in the flight program and all of them hated it. now that they've graduated all they have is a cfi. i have my cfii and mei with over a hundred more hours of multi time than them. i haven't even started instructing yet. so, i never really thought the program was that great. maybe they're bringing in gulfstream because they realize they have to do something. i've heard that the same instructors are still there from when i graduated. that was two years ago! my guess is most people won't be interested when they find out how much it costs. maybe they'll give some kind of discount to western students. actually i'm sure they will if enough sign up. heck, i'd maybe consider it if they guaranteed me in writing a full time PAYING job to scale at the end of the program. then it would be no different than other regionals that charge for training but hire you at the end. i believe colgan does that. people that don't use these types of websites or have never really done any flying in florida tend to be out of the loop when it comes to what the major flight schools down here in florida offer and "PFT". I know that was the case when i was up there. when i was there you would be hard pressed to find anyone that really knew what PFT was let alone have an opinion about it.