Were You at The Academy at LAL when it closed?


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<font color="blue"> Remember how you felt when you discovered The Academy had closed its doors?

On 2/28/03, Aviation Training Academy in Orlando closed its doors and the owners disappeared with millions of dollars of the students' tuition and living expense money. Most of the students had borrowed this money from Key Loans, Sallie Mae, etc. The former students of ATA have organized to pursue legal recourse against the Williams Gang (the family that owned ATA).</font>

<font color="green"> We desperately need to talk to students who were at The Academy at LAL when it closed in Dec. 2001 or Jan. 2002.

What we need to know is what happened about your loans. We need to know what precedent the loan companies set in handling your loans before our attorney talks to our lenders.

Who did you have your loan with?

Were you still required to pay the loans?

Did the loan companies let students off the hook and go after the money themselves?

Since there are several different loan companies used by flight school students, we need to hear what happened with each lender.

If you know how to reach other pilot trainees who were with you, please contact them and ask them to reply to this post ASAP. You may reply directly to our e-mail address
We need to know by Sunday night, March 23, 2003.

Your help is greatly appreciated.</font>

<font color="blue"> PS If you would like to follow our progress, go to </font>
<font color="red"> screwedbyata.org </font>
<font color="blue"> Our bulletin board is called </font> <font color="red"> redtrainer </font> <font color="blue"> because we were identified in radio communications as </font> <font color="red">"redtrainer + plane no." </font>
This reminds me of another class-action lawsuit I heard about a long time ago. Does anyone here remember this?

Back in the late 80's and early 90's the Williams familiy operated an "airline style" training academy in Sanford, Florida. This was later bought out by Comair and became Comair Aviation Academy.

Anyway, sometime around 1990 or 1991, a group of students sued the academy, claiming that they had not received the amount or quality of training that they had been promised. I'd heard that the school settled out of court, and most of the students picked up their money and went elsewhere. I am not sure if this occurred before or after the sale to Comair, and haven't been able to find out any additional details. Anyone know? (or care?).

Oh, yes! The victimized former students of ATA definitely care! This kind of thing shows a previous history of not providing what was paid for.

Thanks for letting us know.