Went for the color vision OCVT and MFT yesterday...


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Don't have much time for a write up right now, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I took the OCVT and the MFT yesterday. And..... I passed!

To start off with, I have never been more nervous about anything in my life. I am very passionate about aviation and this is all I know.

Everyone's write ups so far are pretty much spot on. If anyone else is planning on doing this I would definitely make sure to spend as much time, night and day, preparing for it. Study different sectional charts until you are blue in the face. Go to your local controlled airport and have them shine the lights at you.
Go to your local flight school and familiarize yourself with the colors in the cockpit. (Do this with a glass cockpit as well, in my case I prepared by looking in an old steam gauge 172 and ended up doing the test in a glass 172, but the colors are easy to see)

The flight portion is really the hardes to prepare for. The examiner can ask you the color of ANYTHING. Mine asked about roof colors, grass colors (keep in mind this is November, some of the grass was brown, some green, etc). I had to spot some power lines, airport lighting and pretty much anything with a color. He even asked me what color the dash inside the airplane was lol.

I wish I could say don't be nervous, relax, and you'll be fine. But honestly I was anything but relaxed, when I left the airport my nerves were so shot that I had no emotion haha.

The more time you spend preparing, the better. I spent at least 2 hours per day going over the charts and airport lighting. I watched the tower light videos on YouTube, as well as going to several different control towers and had them shine the lights at me.

Sorry if my post is disorganized, typing from my iphone. If you have any questions please ask!

Thanks for everyone's advice prior to this!!


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As a fellow passer of the OCVT / MFT, please accept my congratulations! Glad to hear our feedback and opinions were able to help you prepare as much as possible.

Make multiple copies (both electronic and physically) of that LOE. Try not to smile too much when you present your AME with that piece of paper for all your future medical examinations when it comes time to determine your color vision!



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@Mongoose 121
Thanks so much for the advice you gave me before! My nerves have never been more shot than they were when I showed up Tuesday morning haha. I am just so glad to have this behind me now, but the reality that I don't have to worry about it again has yet to sink in. The examiner almost forgot to give me my LOE after the test, but I made sure to remind him of it haha.

Now to figure out my next steps in starting an aviation career!

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Your next step is to join this group http://www.cvdpa.com/ ...and move to Australia.

Nice work, I was nervous as hell as I was already 12 years deep into my aviation career when I had to do the OCVT/MFT. Its been almost two years since I took it and I am a CA at a 121 operator now, and have been able to show my AME my LOE twice now with no issues.

I took mine in January in Maine, everything outside during the MFT was white haha.


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Congratulations! I'm in the same position you were, I know I'm going to have to take it eventually, I've been putting it off. Thanks for your write up, gives me some hope.