Welcome Back To School...????


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Well....since there are usually tons of MTSU people here...on the, ummm...well....will anybody that has an affiliation with MTSU stand up?? At this point, even if you knew a guy whose cousin had a next door neighbor, whose cat was hit by a guy that use to live in Fl...but worked with a woman whose father was in the Navy, and partied with a guy from Nashville, NC.....but was always confused with another guy who had the same name, but was from Nashville, TN and that's only 40 minutes from MTSU.......I'd accept that.....
I knew a girl who attended MTSU when I was in college. I gave her a ride back to her dorm from Nashville when I did Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL)....

....does that count?
That's it, RTF!!!!! That's better than I've gotten from anyone!!! I know there's an aerospace department, because I'm in it!!! It's just so confusing......hmmmm.
My friends cousin is starting MTSU this fall, as a freshman. I believe he will be in there flight program.
Yup I'm in school now but not flying yet. And yes, I am a freshman. Thanks for the welcome
Yup I'm in school now but not flying yet. And yes, I am a freshman. Thanks for the welcome

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What's up, Ifly!!!! What's your emphasis...pro-pilot? What's going on?
Owh yea BTW did MTSU win last weekend (football). There always a top contender in the Sun Belt, but didnt find a score from them?
My Friend is going to MTSU this fall in the professional pilot program. I should be attending also but MTSU took away the in-state tuition for KY residents. DAMNIT!
Ah! MTSU almost came out with a shocker against Missouri. Listened to the OT on the radio. 40-41 Missouri in OT. Owh well...Better Luck next time Blue Raiders, atleast they almost took out a Top 25 team.

How do you like those new Katanas and DA40s? The instructors from my school that ferried them down were very impressed with your facilities and program.

We are planning on getting the new DA40 Twin Star once it comes out. Also, there is a new DA40 glass cockpit model out.
What's up, man!

I've got to answer this very carefully - there are MTSU informers watching...

Personally, I don't like the Katana aircraft, although I will admit that at least 40% of my dislike has to do with the fact that I'm a "Cessna guy". But there are some things that I just don't like about them. Hard to land...lol.

MTSU has a pretty good program, as long as you're not a pro-pilot. The attrition rate seems to be abnormally high, and nobody seems to really be motivated. People are in the program because someone told them they would make lots of money....and I know quite a few that are angry at the world now!!!

There aren't enough flight slots to go around to all of the pro-pilot students, and if you're class schedule doesn't allow you to fly on very specific dates and times (Tue & Thur or Mon & Wed....8-12 or 1-4)....you're screwed...no flight slot for you!

Because I had "too much flight experience" when I got here, I was told that I couldn't be a pro-pilot major, so i'm a scheduling & dispatch guy, and I just give my money to somebody else for my flying...lol. If I had to grade the school, it would be a B+. If I had to grade the aerospace department, it would be a C-....marginally...lol.

Now, as far as facilities go, MTSU has it going on!! The Business/Aerospace building is the newest on the campus, and everything is really nice. Once again, if I were giving a grade, I'd give it an A in that area. It's the best thing it has going!!!
I grew up and learned to fly on Cessna Aircraft. If youve spent many hours in an old cessna, the Diamonds will out do it in every category. They really are ALOT of fun to fly, especially doing unusual atts with your students
. Every airplane in the fleet that is IFR cert. has dual Garmin 430s and the VFR planes one 430.

Im not up to speed on other than pro-pilot programs, but we do have some people who switch out of the program. All places are like that were the student just isnt made to be a pro pilot, or just doesnt have the desire and determination to do what is necessary. Also in some cases, like above, if someone has already gotten ratings and flight time they may not be allowed into the program. Most of the time these are folks with More than a private and instrument. Infact many student come who have already completed their private. It just doenst make sense for us to take folks who have already been trained and the end result wouldnt be a true product of our training (in theory of course). Many other universities have this same requirement and some even require you to re-do your private if you already have it.

The way you have to set your schedule for classes is set them around what flight lab you get. Slots are limited, but most get the slot immedietly or at least one semester later. Once you have gotten a slot, you are no longer on a waiting list as long as you complete your ratings on time, you wont have to wait anymore. There are a few exceptions.

On campus facilities are nice, and even the airport facilites is fairly new and nice.

The diamonds have certainly treated MTSU better than the new pipers. And the candians who brought a couple down where top notch!