Weird Heartbeat


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hopefully this hasnt been asked before but I'll go ahead and ask it anyways.

every so often, maybe once a day I get a weird almost like a skip im my heartbeat for a few minutes. it'll beat real fast, painfully, then slow down below normal then end up just going back to regular very abruptly. also, if im working out, or if I make too quick of a get up when I try to run from just standing there my heart rate will spike like crazy, I get dizzy, and its painful.

im going to go ahead and guess that this isn't a good thing, but I dont want to not be able to fly because of it.

what is this and what should I do?


But you don't want to risk of a heart attack in the airplane or over night.
Go to a doctor and findout what the problem is and fix it before it's too late, I much rather ground myself for 2 months then being grounded forever. JUST DO IT:whatever: