Weight & Balance


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Had a few questions about weight and balance that I hope someone could answer for me.

1 - For a 747-400 the MAC distance is 327.8 inches if I remember off the top of my head. Does the center of gravity have to fall within this envelope (LEMAC to TEMAC) for the go ahead to fly? Also, can the
%MAC ever be negative?

2 - Does the basic empty weight CG fall into the MAC area or does this only happen when the load and fuel are added? What I am getting at is whether or not the CG is always in the MAC area when the plane is empty and not fueled?

3 - If a 744 were to go on a ferry flight not of great distance, which tanks would be filled up first, the main wing tanks?

4 - How do the majors that fly the 744 figure out the wieght and balance? Is there a station diagram that shows arm lengths?

The reason I am asking is because I am working on a project for MSFS2002 and I can't seem to find the answers I am looking for.