Weight and Balance Questions for Airliners


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Hey everyone,

For my aero. class we have to do a sample weight/balance problem for an aircraft. Does anyone have the weight/balance charts with the BEW/BEA/BEM and stuff I could see for their aircraft? You can PM me if you wish.



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You may have a hard time finding such charts these days. At least outside of the regionals...and even then we used whiz wheels (for the ERJ) and not charts.

Very few carriers that I know of use paper charts to compute weight and balance...way too time consuming, and not very accurate. Just about everyone has gone to some kind of computerized format. At my company, we don't even have any W&B charts in the performance section of our manuals....and they would be useless if we did. Our only Op Spec approved method for such computations is with an on-board computer.

Perhaps your best bet would be to look into a Gleim ATP written test prep manual. When I took my ATP written 6 years ago, they had a whole array of barely readable W&B charts for aircraft such as the B-727 and B-1900.