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Hello all,

I am interested in making contact with someone who lives on the east coast and may have been through the Washington location for the 90 day program. I would like to know what the facilities are like including the rooms provided? What are the instructors like? What is the atmosphere? Is 90 days enough time for the average Pilot . How does Washington stack up against ATP's other facilities? Can anyone give me their current opinion about comparing ATP to some of the other BIG NAME schools like FSI, and Comair. I look forward to reading your posts.

Paul -

Well, I live on the East Coast and I have been to ATP's facilities at Manasas but I have not been through the ATP program. The Manasas location works out of a couple offices in what appears to be a mostly unused terminal building. Very nice building. I've heard the accomodations are pretty nice. In fact, you are probably getting a much better deal at the Manasas location because the cost of living is pretty high around there for ATP to offer a static price.

Just like anywhere else -- instructors come and go. I could tell you what they were like when I talked to them but that doesn't mean much.

I'd recommend calling their 800 number and asking if you can speak to somebody that attended at Manasas recently. It won't cost you a thing. Anybody you talk to on that number was a fairly recent student in their program so if you want current info - that's the best (second best?) place to find it.

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