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Just curious, what happens to the folks who finish OCS, come out as a 2nd Lt., then for some reason wash out of UPT?....are they stuck pushing pencils for 10 years in their reserve unit?....or can they just return to their civilian lives....
Depends on the needs of that particular branch at that particular moment. I'm not the end source but I really haven't heard of a set rule for that situation except what I mentioned in my first sentence. AD chances are good that you will be flying a desk to some degree (or if you are lucky maybe a nav) but not for ten years. Guard or reserve might let you go or might make you stay since generally you'll enlist with them after you get selected so you won't jump your slot. Hope this helps!
Right now the Navy is kicking most of its attrites to the curb...see ya! The Corps will make you hang around manning a phone for a couple months, then send you to a new MOS school (ground supply, anyone?) to finish out 4 years.
We have a girl in my unit that was enlisted for about 4 years, went to OTS then pilot training. She washed out in the T-37's, the chief pilot from my unit flew out there, talked to her and the commander of the training unit and decided to let her start over. This is a RESERVE unit. Active duty would be a desk job for the next several years.
The Reserves just implemented a 6-year commitment following graduation from OTS, so no, you won't be pushing pencils for 10 years, only 6. The Air Force recently decided that they would start paying more attention to people who go to "formal" schools - there have been a lot of people who decide to get a free education ride, then separate (or retire) lately, so the brass has decided to start a "sliding scale" of payback time for different schools.

I had to sign another statement saying that I would give 6 years following OTS (in addition to the 10-year statement for UPT) to go with my package to the board. Both terms are served concurrently, assuming you get through UPT.

All the more reason to think about your motivation for joining the military!

I was attrited from flight school in the Marine Corps in 90. Finished primary with 3.0 grades and needed 3.008 to stay in the program. I was given the option to stay in or get out. I put in my request of 3 choices of another MOS...Got my first choice, was waiting orders for school......A month later, they told me that was not an option, and offered me either an Adjutant MOS or Air Support Control Officer MOS......After being in limbo for about 8 mos, I declined and decided to get out....In hindsight, wish I would have done the tour....now some 10 plus yrs later....deciding to get back into aviation...can't get rid of that aviation. Still, I am glad for the opportunity to serve in the best military branch in the world, and wouldn't have traded the experience for anything. Semper Fi