Warrent/Commsioned Officers


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I need your help.
I am currently a 23yo RJ captain on reserve and will not see active flying for months(years). I have been pondering Reserve/Guard flying for a few months, and especially the last couple of weeks. I understand some of the aspects of the process, but some things are unclear...can you help?

What is the difference between Warrant officers and commsioned officers?

What route should I take?

Warrant Officers are chiefly pilots, commisioned officers command such units but do not fly as much as warrants, but the biggest point, join the air force/ang/reserves helos are cool and there are some small fixed wing aircraft in the army, so if the army will commit to you fixed wing then go for it, other wise go fly the heavies in the air force/reserve/ang or falcon jets and c130s in the coast guard
cy, that applies tot the Army, and *maybe* the airfoce, but in the CG and the Navy very very very very if any warrants are pilots. warrants in the seagoing services are made from senior enlisted vice send em to school like in the army. different all together
You are correct, sir! Yeah I should clarify warrants are mostly pilots in the army, some do serve in other non-flying positions, the air force used to have them but not anymore.
Damn! I screwed the pooch again... a thousand apologies, I know...I know... you work for a living, I was an E5 before I got my "O lobotomy"
Like everyone else has said, US Army Aviation Warrant Officers doing the lion's share of the flying. They are however assigned "additional" tasks such as key control, etc, etc. If you enlist as a Warrant Officer, graduate Warrant Officer Candidate school, and graduate flight school, you will always be a Pilot. Commissioned Officers will attend OCS and the same flight school. They will also incur the same six year commitment, but might not always be assigned to an aviation company. Some are often taken off flight status and sent to a different unit. (especially in a Guard or Reserve Unit)

Active Army has downsized their pilot ranks in the past to the point they need pilots now. Selection rates for WOFT (Warrant Officer Flight Training) for both civilians with a complete "packet" and enlisted soldiers with a complete "packet" is around 90%. However, many pilots are leaving active Army for many reasons. With a selection rate of 90% it's a good time to apply to be a pilot, but then you must ask why everyone else is leaving. Also, many Warrant Officer Candidates have the degree, etc to be a Commissioned Officer yet go Warrant. So, there is something to be said for being a Warrant Officer instead of a Com Officer.