Waiver process


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What's required to apply for a waiver? I found out that my eyesight in one eye is 20/25. However, when you put both of my eyes together, my vision is 20/15.

So, does anyone know how you go about getting a waiver for this? The eye doctor who I went to said that he has helped some people get waivers and I want to know what the process is.

Thanks, guys!
I'm not sure of the process, but I think what you want to get is a SODA (statement of demonstrated ability). If I were you I'd call the AOPA and find out what the process.

Good luck.

What are you trying to get a waiver for? Your eyesight is fine. My 1st class medical has the "corrective lenses required" notation because one eye is nearsighted.
This waiver process is simple: BUY GLASSES OR CONTACTS! I had the same exact problem, went and paid $100 for two pairs of cheap glasses (regular and sunglasses) and went back to re-test my vision. Signed my medical and off I went. I did all of this in the same day.
Sorry, guys. I should have made things clearer. That's 20/25 corrected, with glasses or contacts. So I definitely need a waiver if I want to fly and get paid for it!
I have the exact same problem. My left is 20/15 uncorrected, my right is 20/30 uncorrected - 20/25 corrected.

I have a medical flight waiver, but I think most doctors don't get too bent out of shape for anything 20/30 and better. I haven't had to use it for about 5 years.
Thanks, Doug! Sounds like my potential flying career won't be grounded by my eyesight.
Your careers aren't over. Just becasue your vision is alittle off doesn't mean your over with. Maybe for the military, but not civil wise. You will be fine as long as you don't check yes in any of the boxes. Waivers can take a LONG time. I've been waiting close to a year and still haven't gotten it yet. Depends on what the problem is.
There is no box for "Will you pass the vision test". It's a test given during the medical, meaning that you can't "forget" that your vision isn't corrected to 20/20. So the "don't check yes" remedy doesn't apply here. For a first and second class the FARs state that your vision must be 20/20 or better with or without lenses. Since Tonyw's vision is 20/25 with glasses or contacts, his only way of getting a 1st or 2nd is through special issuance described FAR 67.401.
I'm hoping that Doug is right and that doctors don't really fuss too much if it's better than 20/30. I think I'm going to an AME to see if I can get my second class medical soon. Then if I need a waiver, I can get it while I'm building the time I need in order to get my commercial.

But hopefully, my doctor will be like the ones Doug's dealt with and won't fuss.

If you're going to visit your AME for a medical, and expect to get some type of limitation applied to it, or possibly turned down, attempt to get a first class medical. If you receive a 2nd class with a limitation and apply for a waiver you will only receive it for a second class. The point is, later when you want or need a 1st class medical you will have to go about the waiver process all over agian. After getting the 1st class waiver, then you can just get the 2nd or 3rd, but still have the ablilty to get the 1st class at a later date w/out any problems. Thats how it was explained to me when I went about the whole process.
Sorry to dredge up an old topic, but I have the same problem...20/25 in the left; 20/20 overall. How'd it turn out, tonyw?