waiting to instruct


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i have a question for those of you in the know. if hired to instruct with ATP, do you have to answer phones until there is an opening or can you find a different job until they call you. now that i have a degree, i can finally submit my resume to burger king
thanks for the reply. is jax the only location you can work in answering phones? that's what i'm guessing because if you call the 800 number that's were your calling. also, is there usually a wait list to answer phones like there is instructing. i've interviewed at the jax location and it doesn't seem like they really need to many people in there doing the phone thing. thanks
Yeah JAX is the only place to answer phones. ATP's main office is in JAX. And yes there is a list, but I dont know how long it is until after you finish the program til the day they call you back. But its doesnt seem too long. Chataqua has been hiring a few of our instructors so its moving pretty quickly from what I understand.

thanks blee. you seem to be one of the only ones who likes to answer my posts. your a good guy, i don't care what your neighbors say about you.