VOR Check Points and VOTs


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Locations of airborne check points, ground check points, and VOTs are supposed to be published in the AFD and depicted in the A/G panel of IFR enroute low altitude charts. I have a Cessna with a single VOR and need to do a VOR check. I have looked in the AFD and on the IFR Enroute Low Altitude chart and found nothing. I'm in Dallas now and need to do the check before I can legally depart IFR. Supposedly FTW has a VOT but I cant find it in the AFD. Heck I cant even find the "A/G voice communications panel" on my current L-17 L-18. I also cant find a complete digital copy of the AFD with all the pages, I think that there may be a chart with VOT locations/checkpoints independent of the airport listings. The AFD I referred to above (http://www.avn.faa.gov/index.asp?xml=naco/online/d_afd) is a digital version that only allows searching for the individual airport. I have always done VOR checks using the dual VOR method and this is just frustrating. Help.
The dAFD is, indeed, woefully insufficient. Is there an FBO on the field where you could ask one of the knowledgeable and helpful staff about the VOT or, barring that, look at a hardcopy AFD?
I have a current AF/D, and that info you're looking for is in near the back, in a separate section.

FTW (Meachem) -- 108.2
DAL (Love) -- 113.3

Both are suitable for ground without issue... let me know if you want the air test stipulations.
Thanks snuggles! I owe you a beer if you are in the area, just PM me if you are game. Now, for future reference, how would I find the link to the supplemental section of the digital AFD? Thanks again.
Happy to help, Cake. I'm not in the DFW area anymore (moved to NoCal when school ended) but thanks for the offer.

The link you had in your first post takes you to the front page of the d-A/FD. From this page, click on the "digital - Airport/Facility Directory" link which will take you to a page with a clickable US map. Clicking on TX (or any other state) will open up the long list of airport pages available in pdf format. Above that list you'll find what you're looking for:

A/FD Legend and Supplemental Info

General Information/Directory Legend and Supplemental information are provided below as multiple-page PDF files for the resulting A/FD region.
For Pacific Area Instrument Approach Procedures, see our digital-TPP/Arpt Diagrams web application.