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So I'm pretty set on Purdue at this point. I'll be visiting in September just to solidify my plans basically. But I had a few questions so I can plan my visit.

I'll be there Sept. 4-8. I didn't realize when I booked the tickets that this was not only the first home football game weekend of the year, but also parents' weekend. Great. I'm planning on scheduling an admissions interview, but besides that what would you suggest I do, whom would you suggest I talk to, etc, in order to get a good perspective of the school? Does the aviation department have any special stuff for prospective students that visit or anything like that? I'll be calling the school and asking questions, too, but I just wanted to get a student's perspective, or that of someone who has visited the school in preparation for enrollment.

Oh and how about getting around West Lafayette? My hotel is up on Northwestern about a mile north of the school. I suppose I can walk, eh?

Any other suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks for your input...


I would probably get in touch with any of the Academic Advisors in the aviation department. They are listed here, under "Professional Staff": can help you set up tours and stuff. I don't know if the aviation department has anything set for that date so I can't be of too much help there.

If you want a good perspective of the school, I'd talk to students and professors. Most of the aviation professors are more than willing to answer your questions. Some worth mentioning are: Mike Nolan (our ATC laison) and Dale Oderman (course coordinator for the Aviation Management program). Their numbers are also listed under the above mentioned link.

I'm currently a senior in the Aviation Management program. Without knowing exactly what you're looking for I could go on and on about the program. It's probably better if you were to ask me more specific questions.

If you need a ride or anything from the airport to your hotel or anything like that, I'd be more than pleased to lend a hand!

If you're coming with your folks, you can rent a car. I wouldn't try the bus system outside of campus.

By the way, are you flying into LAF or IND?

Ah, cool, thanks for the link... I'll definately contact some of those people. I remember you suggested Rose DeLong-Bolyard on another thread, so I'll be sure to call her too.

I'm not really sure if I'm going to do Aviation Management or Flight (or both?). So basically for now I'm just wondering what campus life is like, how exciting it is... what you do in your almost non-existant free time, etc.
I know all the big cities are sort of far away (I'm a big city person i suppose) so was just wondering what there is to do for fun in Lafayette. Oh! And can you do without a car? I was thinking about getting rid of my car for college. Perhaps I'll make some friends with cars

I appreciate the offer, might just take you up on that! I'll be coming alone (I absolutely hate travelling with parents), flying into LAF on American. I got a killer airfare, dirt cheap.
So basically for now I'm just wondering what campus life is like, how exciting it is... what you do in your almost non-existant free time, etc.

[/ QUOTE ]

There are lots of parties going on during the weekends. We have a movie theater down at the levee, within walking distence from the Union. Some people go down to IND (it's only a 45 minute drive). Mainly people go to parties and drink.

Oooh... don't forget football and basketball. Both sports are rather big here. If you plan on going to football games, I'd get season tickets and find someone to go with. Those games are always fun!

You really don't need a car until you live in an apartment. I got away with not having a car for 2 years. I think it's more hassle than it's worth, actually. If you want to park on campus then you need a C permit and those go quick (it's first come, first serve with those things)! If you live in the dorms and want to park you have to have a dorm parking permit (again, first come, first serve).

The campus bus system is about the only way to get around campus. Outside campus, it gets kind of spotty.

Anyhow... I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a good day!
Awesome, great info to know... yeah I was hoping to get by without a car over there-- less chances for me to get speeding/wreckless driving tickets
. Just playin...

Speaking of things within walking distance, does the Starbucks fall into that category? On the map it seems to be down by the river... I work for Starbucks here in Seattle and wouldn't mind working at the one over there while I'm in school. It'd be nice to just have to walk or ride a bike.

I thought of some more questions last night, but now they've escaped me. I'll post when I remember again.. heh.

Thanks again Neil.

Starbucks is new since I graduated but if I remember correctly from my last trip up there it's close to the movie theater mentioned above near the 'levee'. Walking distance? ummmmm - depends on your definition and which dorm you're in I guess. It's not walking distance to me - especially in the dead of winter. It's definatley within biking distance. If I had to take a wild a$$ guess - I'd say probably 2 miles from most of the dorms.

I guess Jason's right -- I used the term "walking distence" rather loosely. In my opinion, the walk is manageable especially in the winter. I can take the cold, but I prefer to find a warmer way of getting to where I'm going (a la the bus, or car).

Jason is also correct in saying that the Starbucks is new to campus. I believe that it is around 2-3 years old. That whole area is new as a matter of fact. It used to be a dump down there, but it has since undergone a revival of sorts. It is now a great place to do your shopping.

Anyhow, I look forward to your response.

Have a good day!
I visited the campus back in late March, and I loved it. Neil also helped me by giving me the number for Mrs. DeLong-Bolyard. I would recommend getting in touch with her. She was able to give me a tour of the flight facilities and simulators. If you want any more info about my visit, just give me a PM.

Neil- Could you please tell me more about the Aviation Managment program. I would like to know more about what kinds of classes you take, and what job areas you can go into with this degree. Thanks.
Awesome, thanks everyone for the help. Sounds like the walk isn't tooooo bad, I'm used to walking everywhere when I'm downtown, which can add up to a few miles easily.

I took your advice, Neil and Brian, and finally fired off an email to Rose DeLong-Bolyard (although shes out of the office until the first of August.. oh well) about visiting the AT facilities and getting an admissions interview.

Hopefully I'll have some more questions to post here soon....

Oh just as a humorous footnote (hehe) I just checked my itinerary, and...
12:55AM departure from SEA for STL, finally arriving in LAF at 10am on the fourth. Then I leave LAF on Monday at 4pm, getting home a little after 9pm in Seattle. Not nearly as bad as the trip out there. Haha....

Re: walking- I'd strongly recomend getting a bike. It really comes in handy for aviation students, because the airport is so far (relatively) from the main campus. If you can go from the airport to a class on campus it can help with scheduling. It's also good for getting to the airport at times when the buses aren't running. It will also be great for getting down to the levee if you end up getting a job a starbucks. It would be quite a hike walking from one of the west dorms to the levee. My $40 spray panted girls bike was invaluable for me untill i got my car.
Awesome, thanks for the advice. I'll add a bike to my list of stuff I'll need
. Walking probably would get old after a little while, eh? Still really psyched for my trip...

First off I want to appologize for the late responses to some of these questions. I'm back at school for the weekend (mainly to go up to OSH) and I'm at my computer (the good one). My computer at home sucks the big one -- it's uber slow.

Anyhow let me get down to answering of these questions.

Neil- Could you please tell me more about the Aviation Managment program. I would like to know more about what kinds of classes you take, and what job areas you can go into with this degree. Thanks.

[/ QUOTE ]

The Aviation Management program allows one to become an ATCer, dispatcher, scheduler, route planner, etc... everything else that isn't a mechanic or a pilot.

The classes you take are as follows:

2 (possibly 3 if you take one extra as an elective) Semesters of English
2 Semesters of Math
1 Semester of Aviation Aerodynamics (class is easier than it sounds)
1 Semester of Powerplants for Flight Crews
2 Semesters of Speech
1 Semester of PoliSci
1 Semester of Psychology
2 Semesters of Physics
1 Semester of Meteorology
4 Semesters of Leadership Classes
Then a bunch of Aviation Technology classes relating to the business end of aviation, safety, security and related topics.

A lot of these classes are easier than I have made them out to be.

If you choose Purdue, you will not be disappointed.

By the way, who is attending Purdue this fall? I believe one of us is going to be a freshman. I would like to touch base with that person. He can send me an email to