Visiting Pan Am Phoenix and would like to meet up with students


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Hello everyone. I am making plans to come to Phoenix in order to visit the Pan Am campus, and I would like to meet and compare notes with some current students. I am hoping to be there March 12th - it's a Friday. Would anyone care to get together over food or beer?
get together over food or beer?

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import or domestic?
Are you planning on taking the "nickel" tour w/ one of the recruiters? If so, you might just want to find a few students hanging around. If I am not in ground school or on a flight, I could answer some of your questions...
"Domestic or imported?" Whatever's on tap. I'm not picky.

I'll probably be taking the "nickel" tour - I'm arranging it through a recruiter. Jojobean, can I contact you when I get in town?
So March 12th eh?? I will keep that in mind...

Hey are you coming in w/ any time or starting from Ground zero? Are you coming over here from Germany?? Just curious...

By the way, when taking the tour, be sure and come prepared w/ a list of questions, that must get answered! I am sure you already know this, but sometimes recruiters can "tell you what you want to hear". If you have surfed through this forum, you know that in the past there have been some rather disgruntled students that are no longer apart of Pan-Am. So be sure and get as many opinions as possible while you are here. Oh, and see if you can get an "intro" flight while you are here. I know they do it...
I have zero time. Unfortunately, that makes things more expensive. Yes, I'm coming from Frankfurt, Germany. I'm actually flying into Kansas City to visit my dad before I come to Phoenix. Pan Am said they would credit my student account up to $600 for the flying and driving costs. Thanks for the advice on asking questions. I'll certainly get some questions together and enquire about the intro flight.

Hope to see you next month.
Hey Haz,

Did you ever make it for the tour?? I never heard from you, so it was one of those out of sight, out of mind things... My apologies.

If you did make it, what did you think??

Hello Lima Charlie.
Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply to your post. I have been away from a computer since March 4th
. Phoenix - what can I say. I flew from Frankfurt to Kansas City, where my dad picked me up and drove me to Phoenix. The night before my campus visit, while at the hotel, someone smashed a window out of our car and stole my checkbook, airline ticket, cd player, camera, and diary. Fortunately, I always keep my passport in my pocket; so, getting back to Germany and my wife was not a problem. Anyway, I called Pan Am to cancel my 9 A.M. tour because I had to sort out the stolen checkbook and banking info. I finally arrived at Pan Am at 11 A.M. By that time the 'nickel tour' had become the 'penny tour'. I had a quick run through the campus followed by an intro flight. I must say that I do like the facilities and the training program. It's expensive, but I suppose a person gets what they pay for. Because we were stuck in Phoenix an extra day while waiting for the police, Pan Am put us up in the hotel an additional night

I will apply. The question is, when will I start? I still have 6 months left on my work contract here in Germany. I would like to start sooner than that, but I must first find out if I can terminate my contract . So, we're looking at an August start date at the earliest or an October start date at the latest.

First impression of Phoenix: SPRAWL!
I am soooo sorry to hear about your misfortune. I wish I could say that getting your car broken into down here is an uncommon occurance, but it is not! I have had my car stolen once, as well as broken into and vandalized. Crime is probably one of the biggest reasons that I don't see myself staying in Phoenix any longer than I have to.

Glad you at least got a tour and flight. Too bad you didn't have time to chat w/ any current students. Who did your tour?

Well, if you have any question feel free to drop me a line.

sorry to hear about the break-in. Phoenix is definately not the most crime-free area around. Anyway, i'm starting around june so i'll see ya there.