Visiting FSI on Tuesday


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I'm taking the 10:00 tour on Tuesday morning (9/24). I'll be arriving VRB on Monday afternoon.. Who knows...maybe I'll get to meet a few of the frequent posters!
I've been accepted to FSI also but just can't seem to get away from work right now to visit. Suppossed to start in the November class. Are you staying on campus in a comp room? do me favor and let me know how your visit went.
I'm going on the tour on 10-16 for the CFi program. What dd you think of it all? What kind of stuff di they tell you.
The tour was just fine.. The dorm they let me sleep in was actually quite nice. I was well appointed with a small sofa, two desks, and a kitchenette. A CFII student by the name of Charlie (pretty sure it was Charlie) gave me the tour, and was very straight-forward. He wasn't hesitant about answering any questions. I met with a lady from marketing at the end who gave me a bunch of cost estimates to get from where I am already all the way to CFII. The cost looks high, but not too outrageous. I am really torn, and I don't know what to do. As much as I'd like to attend FSI, I am concerned that I may be wasting the money, since I do not have a college degree yet. Maybe I should focus on that first.. Who knows... Anyway, Vero looks quite boring, but then again I wouldn't be going there for fun. Feel free to share any FSI tour experiences you all might have.
Do you have any credits at all? Look into ERAU's Distance Ed BS program if you think you have the discipline for online courses. I can give you some links if you need them...

hey thanks for the info. i am going on my visit at the end of this month. i already have a college degree so i guess my decision wouldn't be as hard as yours to make. for what it's worth, i would suggest that you indeed look into ways of getting your degree while you fly. if i could do it all over again, that is exactly what i would have done. that way, when you're 22 or so, you will be ready to make the next step into ultimately getting a job in the aviation industry. i didn't have a choice really. i went to school on a sports scholarship but when i look back on it, i could have been more selective to the places that were offering me money to play for their school. i always knew i wanted to fly planes but it wasn't as clear to me then as it is now. perhaps i would have known better if i knew that this sight was in place 7 years ago to give me some good insights. good luck and i'll let you know how my visit goes.
The online courses sound like an interesting alternative.. If you get a chance, please send the links..